Landscape Photography
in Depth

An extensive 10+ hours tutorial on landscape photography. Full workflow: from the on-location capture to post-processing technique.

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ice and winter landscapes – Iceland edition

An extensive 7+ hours tutorial on winter landscape photography in Iceland. From the on-location capture to post-processing technique.

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I'm Daniel Kordan and I'm a full-time landscape photographer. Prior to this, I used to be a scientist and photography was my hobby.

For years I observed and taught thousands of students who were struggling with some very important aspects of landscape and nature photography. Among those struggles were, for example: how to scout for new unknown locations, how to be in the right place at the right time when shooting landscapes, how to master composition, or how to control exposure in difficult situations, and how to develop your own style. I had those struggles myself in the beginning of my career. Learn exactly how I do it and how YOU can do the same or better.
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What's inside?

Composition, trip planning, gear and more.

  • Deep dive into landscape photography with numerous samples and tips.
  • All about filters: polarize, neutral density, gradual density, circular and more.
  • The art of seeing. Finding locations that give a unique perspective of a known landmark
  • Planning your trip. Knowing what you will be shooting long before you arrive to the location.
  • Gear overview. How to not overload yourself with equipment.
  • Understanding Light (Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunrise and Sunset)
  • Bracketing and multiple exposure blending
  • Focus Stacking and maximizing depth of field. Bracketing and multi exposure blending

Challenging weather, exposure, panoramas and more

  • Shooting in challenging weather or high contrast conditions (rain, ice, snow, water).
  • Dealing with Sun Flare and shooting against the sun
  • Building Panoramic images and learning about nodal points for impeccable panoramas. Vertical panoramas vs horizontal.
  • The correct approach to long exposure. Blurring water and skies with long exposures
  • Introduction to astrophotography.
  • Master exposure and Histograms.

Post-processing, business, marketing and more

  • RAW Processing and Editing Workflow.
  • Masking and Layering Techniques.
  • Luminosity Masking.
  • Keeping it real with HDR.
  • Extensive color color correction and image adjustments.
  • Workflow of landscape photographer.
  • How to bring life into your image with several post-processing techniques.
  • All about business. How to start selling your images and start making money.
  • Social media for landscape photographer.
  • Full time vs part-time landscape photographer.
Post-processing After Edits
Original Image Original

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Post-processing After Edits
Original Image Original

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Landscape Photography
in Depth Tutorial

An extensive 10+ hours tutorial on landscape photography. Full workflow: from the on-location capture to post-processing technique.
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